We Be_Who_We Be

Welcome Beloved

Thank you for connecting to my site, you’ve made my day!
I have so much to share with you; music, poetry, inspired books, and spoken word plus I’m working on a huge project to be announced.

After being away for 10 years it feels good to get back in New York. In all honesty, it was not my decision to return, it was destiny calling me home. I was ready, willing and had to connect with Abel my content curator to make all this happen. So here I am and to top it all off, I’ve reconnected with my musical director Bryan Carrott (vibraphonist extraordinaire) who arranged two of my classic CD’s, “It’s Time” and “We Got a lot Of Healing to Do”.

It’s time for the world to hear my music because I think of my creative expressions as healing remedies for the soul and that’s the need of the hour.

 Seems like ages, since the sages, were reading all the pages, in my life. Going to keep on dealing, with this love I’m feelin, while I’m healin, in my life – lyrics from “In My Life”


I recorded “In My Life” and “In the Heart of Man” with the Master Jazz arranger/pianist David Durrah in the early eighties. I vividly recall him giving me these classic arrangements and recording those songs in two takes, leaving me in Awe.

Being away from New York, living in the woods in Virginia, contemplating, meditating and creating was enlightening. Now I’m ready to come out and play because I found my note.


Hungry Souls, yearning for the fruit of love, Disenchanted with life’s melody

Coming, going, wondering how to live, Searching for truth’s sweet harmony

Life is just a simple song, And not too difficult to sing

Just find your note and sing along, Accepting the peace that it brings

– poem “Hungry Souls”


Creativity comes through me from the Creator. I’m clear about that and it’s my responsibility to get it in the hands of the people. My prayer is that it will uplift you.

My roots stem from the hood of South Jamaica Queens, where I learned valuable lessons and wisdom that has lasted me a life time.

Another incredible feature about the hood is that our music, fashion and creative expression influences the entire globe and that’s an extraordinary force.

I put my heart and soul in my offerings to you and since we are ONE, I trust you will feel me.  Enjoy.

Be Divine.